The race season is upon us! My favorite time of year!

Coming back to Östersund, Sweden for World Cup 1 each November has this “back-to-school” feel. You get to see all your friends you haven’t seen since last year. You return to the same old place and familiar routine. You have new clothes, fresh supplies, and a blank slate. It’s my third year now. I can only imagine how Ole Einar Bjørndalen feels as he begins his 25th.

Our first race is on Sunday. I will do the mixed relay with Susan Dunklee and two of our men, to be determined. During training this week, a lot of people will ask, “How is your shape”? This must translate well from some language, but I haven’t yet figured out which one. Maybe everyone thinks it comes from English so we continue to repeat it to each other, each assuming it sounds legit in the other’s language. But really, does anyone know the answer? I won’t be able to say for sure “how my shape is” until I test it out on Sunday. I think I’m in good shape. I mean, nothing crazy happened this summer. I was healthy; my training seemed fine. But our sport is all about ranking ourselves relative to everyone else. Unlike a runner, I don’t know any of my race times. All I know is that I got 1st or 15th or 80th or whatever. So Sunday is when I’ll find out how the last seven months of hard work have affected “my shape.” I can say for sure that I’m well-prepared and ready to race!

We spent last month training on snow in Canmore, Alberta. Sunrise in the Canadian Rockies is not to be missed.
Another year, another successful hotel-made Halloween costume in which I can ski, shoot, and represent one of the finer cultural institutions of my country!
Snow-making on a sunny morning in Canmore.
The Canmore Biathlon Stadium in all it’s glory.
Put the 2019 Canmore World Cup on your calendar! February 4-10, 2019.
We did two races with the Canadians. I had 1 bad and 1 better! Photo: Lew at Mountain West Dermatology.
Susan, Emily and I skyped-in our former teammate Hannah from her home in New Zealand for a painting lesson. Can you match the artist to the painting?
It was good for the soul to get off the 2k man-made snow loop and hit the trails for real cross-country skiing!
Out on a 3-hour “tour” with Paul!
Beautiful new USA gear. No longer purple and orange, we are returning to the red, white and blue!!!
Still the “official” athlete entrance to the Östersund Biathlon Stadium.
2017-2018 athlete training bibs. Better not lose it! It’s required every day for skiing on course. Susan Dunklee gets her name on hers for being in the top-30 overall from last year. Emily and I have a new goal!

Be sure to tune in on Sunday to watch us live, here. The full race schedule, with times automatically listed in your local timezone, is here.

Thanks for cheering, wherever you are!!!