2019 World Cup Highlight Reel

Surprise! I was one of the fastest skiers at World Cup 1 in Slovenia!
After finishing 15th in the sprint, I made my first Flower Ceremony (6th) in the pursuit.
This is what satisfaction looks like!
I’ll never forget my first flowers!
One week later at World Cup 2 in Austria I got 65th in the sprint! But my brother Graham was there to cheer me up. And I redeemed myself in the women’s relay.
Riding in style from Austria to Czech with our ski technicians, Gara (Left) and Federico.
At World Cup 3 in Czech I had three more good races and qualified for the mass start. It was the first time I was ranked in the top-25 of the overall score, where I would stay the whole season. 
I spent Christmas with my brother in Switzerland and then resumed training in Antholz, Italy.
The man behind the magic! Coach Armin.
At World Cup 4 in Oberhof, we had 2 women in the top-15 for the first time ever!
In the relay, I was leading the race and then had a total meltdown. Bummer.
I got myself back in a good mood for World Cup 5, and then had another total meltdown.
So I went to the “wax tech party” and exorcised my demons by singing “Don’t Stop Believin.”
And then I had a fabulous time racing in Antholz at World Cup 6!
Then I got sick and raced in -4F in Canada.
Then I got healthy and raced in 45F in the USA!!
My boyfriend was in the audience, along with almost 40 other friends and family members.
The first annual Athletes’ Committee Valentine’s Day Flower Sale: we sold 200 carnations and used the money to buy each team a bottle of champagne. Season Highlight!!!
2019 World Championships had ups and downs.
I kicked things off with my best sprint result: 11th place. But later I mistakenly skied an extra penalty loop IN TWO DIFFERENT RACES, and had to put Rifey in timeout.
A historic relay day: Our team was in 2nd place until the very end. I shot clean and tagged in 1st! We eventually finished 9th, the best World’s finish ever for American women.
Finally! In the last race of the season I set out to get on the podium and voila, bronze in Oslo.
I knew I could do it.
This pretty much sums it up!

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