Watch Live

SPECIAL GUIDE FOR OLYMPICS COVERAGE: When and how to watch biathlon and cross-country skiing for US viewers.

WHEN TO WATCH: A detailed schedule of the Biathlon World Cup is here, with times automatically displayed in your local timezone.

Inside the United States: Watch live online for free at or the Olympic Channel app. New this year, NBC/the Olympic Channel bought the rights to broadcast biathlon within the US, so the Eurovision livestream (see below) may no longer work.

Outside the United States: Turn on the TV! Or visit and enjoy great free live coverage. Missed the race? Don’t worry; there is a replay option and highlights reel you can watch later.

Visit the Biathlon Data Center. Check out the “Live Now” tab on the left side, and you will see live results from on-course checkpoints for all athletes, plus you can even watch a live graphic of the range. You can also use this link to access all previous World Cup results.